Your Pleasure is.....                                   

                                                            Our Preoccupation


Our boat, the Volitans, is secured to the dock very close to the center.

This 36 ft boat, able to welcome 20 divers, will allow you all the space you need.

When you embark, your tanks await you on board, you just have to get yourself equipped, or get equipped by your personal instructor.


As a companion, if you want to get your feet wet, feel free to swim under water and allow yourself to witness all the wildlife and flora of the West Indies. You can have flippers, masks, and snorkels at your disposal.

And if your pleasure is to be carried in the warm water, you can have aqua bones to float in complete tranquility.

During the navigation and between diving, you will be able to have shelter from the sun under the roof while quenching your thirst with a refreshing drink and snacking on fresh fruit.