1 – The open water diving, how does it work ?

This training will allow you to acquire the right reflexes, proper movement and to become an autonomous diver down to 18m (60 feet) while diving in a rich and colorful underwater world.

We provide you your PADI kit to give you a first theoretical approach of diving; your instructor will complete those skills with essential explications to your training.

2 – For who?

This training is open to everyone from age 12 and up. It is best to have medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of diving.

3 – What equipment should I bring ?

A swimsuit is enough! We will lend you the rest. If you have your own equipment (flippers, masks, etc.), bring it ! 

4 – How much does it cost ?

Our open water diver training is 420 euros, kit and certification included.

5 – And after ?

You can continue the adventure by accessing other PADI trainings, to have more information, click here.