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First Dive

Do you want to discover scuba diving?

Nothing more simple, follow us, you will not ignore anything.



Le baptême de plongée vous permet de découvrir un nouvel univers tout en douceur, poissons timides aux couleurs exceptionnelles, coraux de toutes formes. Laissez nous vous présenter notre terrain de jeux !


A first dive for who ?


Le baptême de plongée est ouvert à tout le monde. Malgré tout il y a quand même quelques limites :

Les enfants doivent avoir 8 ans au minimum.

Les femmes enceintes ne peuvent plonger.

Nous vous ferons remplir un petit questionnaire qui nous permettra de mieux vous connaître et de faire de votre baptême une expérience extraordinaire.

The first dive in four stages

The equipment

In the center, your monitor will equip you with all the equipment you need according to your morphology: wet suit, mask, palm, tank and other equipment.

The briefing

On the boat, during the travel to the first dive site, your instructor will introduce you to the equipment, then explain the diving process, how to communicate with him and what you will discover. It will also tell you several tips about your small equipment and how to facilitate your experience.

The Exploration

Ok, you are ready, your monitor is in the water with your tank, you join him, he helps you to equip you and when you feel ready, you give the signal of a very slow and progressive descent. Throughout this phase your monitor will be at your fingertips, hand on your shoulder.

If he feels comfortable enough he can give you his arm. The more aquatic can even let go to evolve at his side. At the end of this ballad, it will make you go up very gradually and will equip you with your equipment that will stay in the water.

The debriefing

On the way back, enjoying fresh fruit and drinks on the boat, you will be able to use photos and the contributions of your instructor to continue the adventure by sharing what you have seen.

Caution :  In France for a first dive an instructor can’t dive with more than one diver. Not to respect this imperative is simply OUT OF LAW