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Advanced Open Water

Open Water training


The advanced open water diving, how does it work ?

This training will help you to develop you diving skills until you become familiar underwater.

It’s a comfortable and fun way to acquire more experience in diving under the supervision of your instructor.

You will participate in two mandatory dives:

Deep diving


Then you will have the choice between several thematic dives (specialties) that will complete your training (photo, drifting, night, wreck, mastering buoyancy, etc.).

For Who?

For open water divers who want to develop their abilities while having fun!

Wich kind of assesment


There isn’t End-of-course assessment, we have opted for continuous evaluation.


What equipment should I bring ?

A swimsuit is enough! We will lend you the rest. If you have your own equipment (flippers, masks, etc.), bring it !

How much does it cost ?

our prices here

Et après ?

You can continue the adventure by improve your skill et learn dive specialities