• Stage N4 avec évaluation cet été en juillet
  • Semaine du 13 au 17 juillet : remise à niveau
  • Semaine du 20 au 24 juillet évaluation
  • Possibilité de ne faire que la semaine d'évaluation
  • Contactez nous rapidement au 0696 765 869

Open Water

Open Water training


The open water diving, how does it work ?

This training will allow you to acquire the right reflexes, proper movement and to become an autonomous diver down to 18m (60 feet) while diving in a rich and colorful underwater world.

For Who?

This training is open to everyone from age 12 and up. It is best to have medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of diving.

Wich kind of assesment


There isn’tEnd-of-course assessment, we have opted for continuous evaluation


What equipment should I bring ?

A swimsuit is enough! We will lend you the rest. If you have your own equipment (flippers, masks, etc.), bring it ! 

How much does it cost ?

our prices here

Et après ?

You can continue the adventure by accessing to Adcanced Open Wanter, to have more information, click here.