• Stage N4 avec évaluation cet été en juillet
  • Semaine du 13 au 17 juillet : remise à niveau
  • Semaine du 20 au 24 juillet évaluation
  • Possibilité de ne faire que la semaine d'évaluation
  • Contactez nous rapidement au 0696 765 869




InitiationRateNb of dives
First dive55 €1
Discovery pack160 €3
first dive for a couple

2 instructors with the couple

135 €1


ExplorationRateNb of dives
Dive50 €1
3 dives package140 €3
6 dives package255 €6
10 dives package380 €10


Specific dives
RateNb  of dives
VIP night dive60 €1
This dive is limited to 4 people, without any time limitation.

Upon return, snacks and beverages and hot shower will be waiting for you.

This price includes equipment, 2 lamps, transportation, snacks and drinks.

Double diamond dive120 €2
These 2 dives take place on the famous site of the Diamond.

Between the dives, snacks and beverages are served. (cakes, fresh fruits, etc.)

(time: 45 minutes of navigation)

Technical dive60 €1
The goal of these dives is to validate gateways (PADI-FFESSM PADI-SDI) or make a refresh


Snorkel discovery
RateNb of Dives
With instructor28 €1
Without instructor18 €1
Prices include the equipement: Suit, PMT, waterproof book, and floating device.


American Training

RateNb of dives
Theoric lesson
Scuba Diver285 €3yes
Open Water Diver450 €6yes
Advanced Open Water Diver370 €5yes
Dive Mastercontact us
1 training dive70 €1yes
Prices include diving journal, lessons, lesson books, and certification.


French training
RateNb of dives
Theoric lesson
Bronze, silver or gold training200 €3yes (1**)
N1330 €yes(1**)
N2470 €yes(3**)
N3470 €yes(3**)
N4Contact us
PE12250 €3yes(1**)
PA12330 €4yes(2**)
PA20330 €5yes(2**)
PE40250 €3yes(1**)
PE60280 €4yes(1**)
1 Training dive70 €1
Prices include equipment, diving journal, practical and theoretical lessons, lesson books, and certification.

ANMP certification : 30€

FFESSM certification: 50€

Certification FFESSM : 50 €


PasserellesTarifNb de PlongéesCours théoriques
N1 – OW
N2 – Advanced
Advanced – N2
Le prix comprend le carnet de plongée, les cours et supports de courts et la certification